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"Flery Manor Celebrating 22 Years as a Premiere Bed and Breakfast"
     We are Proud to be A Green-Friendly Property

Gourmet Breakfasts

Get away from the hurried world....

Retreat to the comfort and hospitality of Flery Manor.

Imagine yourself seated on antiques and served on china, crystal and silver.   You are served a three course gourmet breakfast which starts with a baked apple stuffed with wild blackberries and served with Grand Marnier cream, followed by baked potato pancakes, Lithuanian style, served with a prune stuffed with apple and wrapped with a small piece of bacon and broiled, finally you are served one of Flery Manor's signature dishes - Egg on a Cloud - an egg yolk nestled in a cloud of whipped egg whites, baked, and drizzled with an orange-scented hollandaise sauce and served with fresh poached salmon from the Rogue River.  Fresh juice and our own blend of gourmet coffee and teas finish off this unforgettable breakfast. 

This is eating breakfast the Flery Manor way!  

A Sampling of Original Dishes Created by Marla and Served at Flery Manor

Click on the links to see recipes

Potato Pancakes made the Lithuanian way (baked , not fried)

Egg on a Cloud 
with Hollandaise Sauce

(also served on fresh poached Salmon)

Corn Cake with Fresh Corn, Cilantro and Stone Ground Cornmeal

Individual Caramelized French Toast with Yogurt Sauce

Between The Sheets

Créme Brule Oatmeal

Breakfast Parfait

Scottish Shortbread

Salmon Croquettes

Our Famous Wild Blackberry
and Fresh Mint Ice Tea

Heirloom Tomato Stuffed with Seafood and Egg Herb Mixture


Click on the links to see recipes

Orange Blossom French Toast

Chilled Berry Soup in a Melon Bowl

Perfect Pear Blush in a 
Créme Brule Sauce

Crustless Veggie Quiche

Apple, Prune and Bacon Rumaki

Breakfast Pudding
(Endorsed by the HeartLite Institute)

Champagne Poached Egg on Portobello with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Wild Apple and Blackberry Crepes
with Grand Marnier Cream

Baked Apple Stuffed with Wild Blackberries and drizzled
with Grand Marnier Cream

Zucchini Pancakes

Rice and Barley Pancakes

Click on the links to see recipes

Egg and Fresh Veggie Crepes

Seafood Mold

Poached Egg in Wine
and Wild Mushrooms

Black Russian Breakfast Cake

Grilled Grapefruit with Fresh Mint from our Garden and Pomegranate Seeds

Poached Egg with Onion Custard

Baked French Toast in a Yogurt, Orange and Wild Blackberry Sauce

Fresh Herb and Veggie Frittata
with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Madelines with Homemade Lemon Curd

Peach Yogurt Scones

Chocolate Truffles with Pecans

Anaheim Chili with Crab, Egg 
and Fresh Herbs


Flery Manor, located in Southern Oregon, is a unique experience in bed and breakfast lodging.  
We are located just outside of Grants Pass, Oregon in the Rogue River area.


2000 Jumpoff Joe Creek Road
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Phone: (541) 476-3591
Email:  Contact Form


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